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  1. Non-commercial usage of the service is provided free of charge. In the event of pubblication of floor plans created in the service in the press or other websites, users are requested to use the image generated with “Click to generate plan image” link. Removal of “” watermark from generated image is forbidden.
  2. All plans created with the service are owned by the user who made them. Administrator does not take liability in any case of copyright infringement by any user.
    All plans are published in the gallery and are accessible by all users. Plan can be modified only by person owning plan edition code.
    Floor plans are stored in the service for indefinite amount of time. Currently no plans are removed from our database, but availability of them is not guaranteed in the future.
  3. It is forbidden to place in the service, in comments or floor plans:
    • ads,
    • racist content, pornography, etc.,
    • insulting, vulgar content,
    • content that violates the law or third party rights.
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