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Latest Java update (7u51) blocked running unsinged sandboxed applets. Follow instructions below to make floor plan editor applet continue to work.

  • Open Control panel and start Java Control Panel.
  • Switch to Security tab and click on Edit Site List.
  • In Exception Site List window click Add button and type:
  • Confirm changes.

You can now create floor plans on any Android device with android 2.3 and up. Floor Plan Creator is available in Google Play.

Click here to go to Google Play.

If you have Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab devices you can now draw plans on your device too. In a next few days application should be available on more Samsung phones, and later also for all Android devices having at least Gingerbread.

Click here to download from Samsung Apps.

Choosing the right paint colors is not an easy task. Besides personal color preference it's also necessary to consider colors of existing furniture. Painting small fragment of a wall can help making the decision, but it's not going to show the final effect.
Above problems can be solved with website. It allows realistic change of colors on user submitted photos. Check the short video tutorial below:

One of most useful functions is "Snapshot". It allows to capture current color scheme. Clicking on snapshots switches between stored color schemes and greatly helps making final decision.

Try if for yourself in!

New video


There is a new video tutorial on the main page of Previous video clip is still available here.